PVC Plastic Strip Curtains

Industrial Strip Curtains for Warehouse Docks and Doors

PVC strip curtains are perfect for minimising hot and cold weather from entering the building. As an added benefit, our door strips curtains also minimise birds and pests from entering and contaminating products and shelves. Plastic air curtains come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses for all door configurations.

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Strip Curtains for Walk-in Coolers and Freezers – Freezer Flaps

Use PVC vinyl strip curtains for walk-in coolers and freezers. Reduce energy costs by keeping cold air inside and warmer air outside and help food and perishables extend their shelf life by up to 50%. Compressor’s work less, reducing high maintenance costs. Compressor coil and product frost will be minimised from the thermal conversion of warm and frigid air. Improve the overall efficiency of your cooler or freezer.

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Strip Curtains for Fork Lift Traffic

Our heavy duty ribbed PVC vinyl strip curtain material is durable to withstand the pressures of daily forklift traffic. Ribbed material resist scratching and stay cleaner, last longer without becoming brittle or loose its flexibility. Click here for warehouse, delivery and dock door strip curtain and strip door material choices.

PVC strip curtains can decrease fuel consumption on refrigerated trucks. Trucks can be shut off and still maintain temperatures in refrigerated units. One of the best benefits is that customer’s goodwill is increased with the delivery of fresher, colder and frozen goods that exceed the customers expectations. If you want a competitive edge and want to conserve expensive fuel costs, use our kits for truck refrigerated units.

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PVC Bulk Vinyl Rolls – Roll Stock

Our PVC roll stock is the same durable material used for the manufacture of our strip door kits. PVC vinyl material comes in a variety of widths, gauges, and roll lengths. We have the standard smooth stock as well as the ribbed material.

Strip curtains are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Our PVC materials contain UV stabilisers (slight blue tint) and are fire resistant which make them more last longer in ultra violet light applications.

Strip curtains are designed for covering a warehouse dock door, a doorway or any opening or application to control birds, insects and primarily temperature control between two areas. A strip curtain allows for controlling environmental issues while allowing access in and out with ease.

Stop wasting Money and Energy. Install strip curtains on walk-in coolers and freezers and start saving money immediately! Strip curtains will help increase shelf life of perishables up to 50% longer.

Another huge benefit to strip curtains is the extended life of your compressor and the overall efficiency of your walk-in coolers and freezers.

In warehouse environments, block out the loss of temperature and stop wind, birds, dust, rain, snow and debris from entering your building.

Increase employee morale as they need not suffer undue discomfort when temperatures are hot or bitter cold while receiving doors are left open.

In refrigerated truck trailers, strip curtains reduce fuel consumption and help you deliver fresher and colder product to your customers.

Strip curtains actually help reduce noise transmissions and act as a sound barrier.

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